Wednesday, October 6, 2010

World Record of Oldest Living Twins

French sisters Raymonde Saumade andLucienne Grare celebrated their 98th birthday recently (born on Sept’ 23, 1912) - setting the new world record for the Oldest living twins.

 Raymonde and Luicienne Wattelade, who live in Saint Georges de Didonne, France, revealed that the secret behind their survival and bracing all the odds of life is behind “joie de vivre” – enjoying life. It’s as simple as that but in reality it is pretty hard to follow.

Their secret for longevity is happiness in life - and a nice drink of Whisky or Pastis:"I like Pastis because I'm always very thirsty, and Pastis really quenches my thirst, that's why I drink it," said Raymonde.
The two sisters, totalling a whopping 196 years together, have thirteen great grand-children.

This pair loves to live in the present and not wallow in the sorrows of the past or worry about what will happen in future. They still love to feel like 20year old girls and in mind they are still that as they told The Telegraph.

   Both are still in their perfect health and were in 1930s were part of the French gymnastic team. Now they still perform waltzes at local 
casino in south-western France’s Saint-Georges-de-Didonne.     They live together in their family home and apart from dancing they are partially into tarot card reading too.

   Both have married four times in total and while Lucienne was happy to be a housewife, Raymonde used to work at the French nuclear energy commission. 

    They have
 4 children, 7 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.

    Raymonde's daughter, Claudie Saumade, attributed exercise as a key to the sisters' long lives.
    "They have always been exercising," said Claudie Saumade. "They were born in Paris in front of the Japy gymnasium. So when they were little girls, they only had to cross the road to get to the gymnasium. And sportswomen would get them to participate. So they started when they were 10-years- old, and they have done it ever since.

    She added that her mother played basketball until she was at least 67.

    In the 2011 edition of the "Guinness World Records Book," it als
o is a French woman who holds the title of the oldest living woman. She turned 115 on Feb. 16.


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