Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thief walks streets with confession sign

Thief walks streets with confession sign

LONDON: A British judge has sentenced a man who stole money from victims of crime to stand on a busy city street with a sign reading he is a thief.

The sentence requires the thief to stand there on the busy city street for five hours every weekend for the next six years, the Daily Mail reported.

Daniel Mireles should walk back and forth on Westheimer in Houston, in front of the Galleria shopping center with a sign saying he is a thief.

“I am a thief. I stole $250,000 from the Harris County crime victim's fund. Daniel Mireles,” his sign reads.

The public humiliation was issued as part of Mireles' sentence, as he believes he suffers abuse from passerby, but sometimes gets sympathy as well.


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