Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Texting can be partial grounds for divorce

Texting can be partial grounds for divorce

SEOUL: Sending romantic text messages to someone other than your spouse can be partial grounds for a divorce, a South Korean court has ruled.

The Seoul Family Court Monday granted a divorce to a 62-year-old woman who complained that her husband sent messages like "I love you" and "I've missed you so bad" to another woman for months.

A court spokesman confirmed media reports of the case.

The court also ordered the husband, who was previously the subject of a restraining order for assaulting his wife, to pay her 50 million won (44,000 dollars) as well as half of the family property.

"Given the contents of text messages he exchanged with another woman, it is believed that he was involved in affairs," the court said in a statement.

But the spokesman said the court still needs more evidence, other than mere romantic text messages, to show that a relationship has irreversibly broken down.

In a separate case the court granted a divorce suit filed by a man who caught his wife exchanging texts like "I love you" and "Good night, sweetie" with her boss.

The court ruled the wife had been involved in an affair and ordered her to pay the husband 10 million won.


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