Saturday, October 2, 2010

Japan has prison-themed restaurant

TOKYO: While most restaurants strive to afford customers at least these very basic accommodations, the exact opposite is the norm at the Alcatraz Restaurant, a popular restaurant in Tokyo, Japan that gives you all of the pleasantries associated with eating dinner a dark, crowded jail cell.

One would expect that such an extreme gimmick would drive away the locals and cater almost exclusively for crazy round-eyes looking for something…unique.

After being handcuffed and taken to your cell, you order your drinks, such as the “lethal injection” cocktail, which is prepared via syringe. Your main course options include utterly disturbing names such as the “incest salad,” which just sounds awful. Who knows what the meat dishes are called. Cannibalism steak?

Not only do you get dinner, but you get a show. Instead of a comedian or a singer-songwriter wooing you and your date, you get a mock escape attempt, wherein all the lights go off and a man in a convict’s uniform runs around and seeks a hiding place.


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