Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Most Chicken Fried Simultaneously -World Record

hef and Restaurant owner Tiberiu Kiss-Budai and his team of 25 Chefs have used a giant frying pan, measuring 15 square meters to fry 210 chicken at once - setting the new world record for the Most chicken fried simultaneously, during the "International Open Air Cooking Championship".

The 210 chickens were anointed with truffles and their frying took four hours, on a fire insured with gas cylinders and 25 burners.

    After the simultaneous frying of the chickens and the homologation of the record, 840 plates were made and served to the people present there,
 together with a special sauce and bio bread baked on bake-stone.

Tibi Kiss Budai is the owner of a famous restaurant in Cluj, called Spritz Café, where he serves food prepared by himself; among the specialties there are gulas, sausages and cabbage a la Cluj.  

 "I do not consider myself a Chef. I feel better as owner, let's just say I am a gourmand also keen on cooking", Budai added.

    Of course, Spritz Café does not lack the spritzer prepared after recipes from Austria: "That is where the real spritzers are made, wine and soda. We use mineral water, which is completely wrong", Budai said.

  The International Championship for Cooking Outdoors also included the cooking competition for the sections of cold culinary food, kettle cooking, plate cooking, grill cooking and "unconventional instruments" cooking.
   The competition was attended by professional cooks as well as amateur cooks from Romania, Israel and Finland, said Radu Zarnescu, the coordinator of the competition. Nine cooks from Israel but also a few from Hungary and Romania cooked a Mediterranean menu called "Taste of Peace". 

"By this event we want to show the world that people from different environments can work very well together, and any communication barrier is overcome by food language", explained Iulia Dragut, president of the Cultural Association Euro East Alternative, the organizer of the event.


Children had the opportunity to create figurines made of fruit and vegetables. Presentations of Romanian, Hungarian, Jewish, Greek and Finnish culinary food were organized, which incited the people attending the event. 


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