Tuesday, October 5, 2010

World Record of Longest Single Line of Bicycles

1222 bicycle riders pedaled their bicycles through downtown Davis during an event organized by the local Odd Fellows Lodge - setting the new world record for the Longest Single Line of Bicycles while raising money for the benefit of Davis schools.

 Moderating the event on Sunday was Davis Odd Fellows member and Yolo Superior Court Judge Dave Rosenberg, who candidly agreed that Davis wasn't "setting" a record it was "making" a record.

Bicycle riders were cordoned off in downtown Davis on five streets, assigned to multiple rows of riders until 10:03 a.m., when Rosenberg signaled his OK, and they were released in highly coordinated fashion.

   Then, row by row, street by street, the riders peddled in single file traveling east on Second Street between C 
and D streets toward the Amtrak Depot across a computerized data collection monitor which registered the actual numbers.

Then, in order to verify the world record, the riders were send back around, this time traveling north on Second Street and then making a northbound turn on C Street toward Davis Central Park where the riders broke up and a celebration was held featuring a variety of food booths and games for children and adults.
  Rosenberg said the number of people registered to participate was almost equally divided between men to women.

   Riders from 7 to 97 pedaled a two-mile loop through the bike-crazed college town, home to the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame.
    The line of cyclists, riding in single file a few bike lengths apart, stretched for dozens of blocks. Returning riders heading south met up with those riding north near the half-way mile marker.

   There was also music and other entertainment provided.   

There were riders from throughout Northern California, and a couple who came from Colorado.

There were lots of children "so it's obvious that many families signed up," he reported. Some riders were as young as 7, and one was in his 90s.

Initially, the Odd Fellows were out to set a Guinness World Record for the longest bicycle parade, which would have had to beat 3,515 set in Bangkok, Thailand.
However, only recently a bicycle parade of more than 34,000 was established in Italy.Without a way to break the Italian Guinness World Record, the Odd Fellows worked with Guiness World Records to establish a new category for the "longest single line" of bicycles.

"Davis is the City of Bicycles, so it seems only fitting that we hold this world's record. It does take a community to set a record,"Rosenberg said.

"I pronounce this a world record," Rosenberg said into the microphone. "I'm a judge. I can do that."


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