Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fastest tap dancer-world record set by Tony Adams

Tony Adams, 49, share-broker and motivational speaker, danced in 60 seconds using 602 tap beats-setting the world record for the Fastest tap dancer.
The technology eanbles sound waves to be displayed graphically like heartbeats on a heart-rate monitor, or like ‘snicko’ in cricket.

“It’s pretty challenging to sustain that pace for 60 seconds,” Tony says, “and a minute’s never felt longer!”

Tony’s record-setting shoes are old-style tap shoes with screw-on metal plates, whereas modern tap dance shoes have the plates riveted to the sole.

Tony’s 82-year-old mother, Mary Adams, watched her son break the record on television.
“I’m very proud of him but I really can’t understand what all the fuss is about,” she says. “He was a much better dancer when he was younger.”

Tony Adams has been invited to tell his remarkable record-breaking tale to various groups at functions around the country where the high-energy speed tapping has been captivating audiences.
He has also attracted the sponsorship of Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts Group and Sydney-based Scorpio Music to assist him promote New Zealand dance overseas.

Tony Adams smashed the Guinness World Record of 512 tap beats a minute, previously held in England, with a staggering 602 beats.


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