Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Most consecutive push-ups: World record

Wrestler Munir Ahmed completed 2,503 push-ups in an hour and 25 minutes - setting the new world record for the Most consecutive push-ups.

Ahmad surpassed an Indian national's Guinness world record of most consecutive push-ups.

Guinness World Records lists another related world record: The most consecutive 90 degree push ups: 12, achieved by Christian Bázan (Spain).
Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for The most consecutive headstand push ups on one arm: 7, achieved by
Yury Tikhonovich (Russia).
Ahmed said he was ecstatic at this feat for his country. He also announced that all the proceeds and prizes from the event would be donated to flood victims.

The world-record-setting demonstration was witnessed by thousands of spectators in Sheikhupura near Pakistan's eastern city of Lahore, reports Xinhua.

Last month, nineteen girls from different A' Level institutions across Karachi, including Karachi Grammar School and Southshore School, managed to break a previous Guinness world record for the
Most People Crammed Into A Smart Car, by fitting into the vehicle with its doors closed for five seconds.


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