Thursday, December 30, 2010

Most expensive pizza: World record

Margo's Pizzeria, a gourmet pizzeria (owner Claude Camilleri,pizzaiolo Giovanni Staiano), is selling a pizza with white truffles and 24-carat gold leaf and buffalo mozzarella over a thin, traditional crust – for 2 382.66 U.S. dollars (€1,800) - setting the new world record for the Most expensivecommercially available pizza.
Pizzaiolo Giovanni Staiano and restaurateur Claude Camilleri preparing the most expensive commercially available pizza in the world.

"We're trying to draw attention to the quality of the food. Having truffles on a pizza which is not the best pizza possible would be a travesty, a sin. And to put truffles on a Margo's pizza, you need to be confident that what you are creating is an exceptional masterpiece," Mr Camilleri said.

The World's Most Expensive Pizza has already been ordered twice by a local hotelier, who had to be persuaded not to have tomatoes on the pizza, as the acidity clashes with the taste of the truffles.

The Most expensive coomercially available pizza in the world is sold by the weight of the truffle – currently at €6,500 per kilo.
The chef says 50-100 grams of white truffle are placed on the pizza, so the experience can be shared by as many diners as possible.

The World's Most Expensive Pizza can only be ordered a week in advance, and the truffle is delivered via courier especially for the pizza. It is, however, available on the menu, as this is one of the prerequisites for it to be eligible for the Guinness world record.


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