Sunday, December 5, 2010

41 female skydivers ses thet world record

Diving from 16,500ft, the 41 fearless high speed record breakers linked arms for only 50 seconds as they joined together to hold formation and break the limit - setting the enw world record for the Largest women's head-down freefly formation.largest women's head-down formation world record

Photo: The 41-woman crew hurtle triumphantly to the ground at a speed of 200mph, setting the new world record for the World's Largest women's head-down freefly formation.

Skydive Arizona, an expansive skydiving resort located mid-way between Phoenix and Tucson, hosted this exhilarating showcase of parachuting proficiency. 

Organizers Arizona Arsenal, the vertical formation skydiving team from Skydive Arizona, are very excited about the spectacular feat and are proud of their friends and fellow skydivers. And what a resounding accomplishment they are claiming, more than doubling the previous Guinness world record of a 20-way set in Arizona two years ago.

The team is all experienced skydivers who volunteered to take part in the challenge during the past few months. The breathtaking stunt was captured on film by American aerial photographer Norman Kent. 

And according to organiser Amy Chmelecki, the experience has been "exhilarating". "We have been planning and training for this record for the past two years and have gathered together our crew using ads on Facebook, MySpace and sky diving magazines," Amy said. 

"Because the record is so dangerous and skilled we have been holding regular training camps at Sky Dive Arizona. 


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