Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dog causes emergency flight landing in Pittsburgh

Dog causes emergency flight landing in Pittsburgh

NEW YORK: A plane heading to Phoenix had to make an emergency landing in Pittsburgh after a dog on board bit a flight attendant and a passenger.

The US Airways flight left Newark, New Jersey Monday when the 89-year-old female owner let the animal out of its carrier.

Spokesman for the airline Todd Lehmacher said the pilot made the decision to land in Pittsburgh to ensure passenger safety and to get the wounds of the two that had been bitten looked at.

Mandy - a 12lb Manchester terrier - snapped her way down the aisle of the US Airways flight in the skies above New Jersey after being let out of her travel carrier by her elderly owner.

The woman put Mandy on her lap after the dog's tranquilizers wore off despite being told not to.

Captain of Flight 522 notified authorities of the incident at 7.22am local time.

He said: 'The captain felt in the interest of safety, it was better to land and have them looked at than continue on'.

Mr Lehmacher said US Airways permits passengers to travel with some pets only if they are secured in approved carriers and kept under their seats for a one-way fee of $100..

The plane had 122 passengers and five crew members on board.

The severity of the bites are not yet known but the victims were treated by medical personnel at Pittsburgh International Airport.

It is unclear if the passenger will face any fines or penalties for letting the pooch out of its carrier.


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