Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Diamond studded pen sold for Rs2.3m

Diamond studded pen sold for Rs2.3m

VISAKHAPATNAM: A pen studded with thousands of dazzling diamonds was sold for 2.3 million rupees at an ongoing jewellery exhibition here over the weekend.

The expensive pen is certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

"The pen is made in white gold, with around 2,500 natural diamonds, all graded and certified. And also, we have a lining of yellow diamonds, natural fancy yellow diamonds. It has been made by six craftsmen and took around 18 months to make this essentially," said Mani Singh Deo, the organiser of the exhibition.

"The craftsmanship is very exquisite. As you see the pen, you will be able to know that it's a very unique piece and essentially we wanted to make a collector's item and I think we have been fairly successful in doing that," he added.

The exhibition showcased a wide variety of fine jewellery ranging crafted in diamonds and gold, ranging from daily to bridal wear.

Organisers credited their affordable pricing of jewellery as the reason behind the success of the exhibition.

The exhibition was flocked by large number of jewellery enthusiasts and shoppers.

"I think jewellery has got good response, people are interested but those are pieces that people don't buy on impulse. What people are definitely looking for are a trusted jeweler who would give them the kind of designs and the range that they require. We have everything from bridal jewellery to daily wear to 'Tanmanyas', black beads and all of it. People were very happy with the range," said Deo.

Customers were delighted with the shimmering pieces of jewellery and found the products to be matchless in quality and design.

"It's a very nice collection and specially designs. It's a very design oriented thing and there is quite a lot of variety. In each and every category you have a lot of pieces to choose from and a very nice range. The prices are very affordable," said Swathi, a jewellery shopper.

Other than jewellery of various kinds, home and lifestyle decorative artifacts in Porcelain from France and Spain were also displayed, which got a good response from visitors at the expo.

The exhibition will conclude on November 07.


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