Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cat fights off two alligators

Cat fights off two alligators

NEW YORK: They are normally used to catching the odd mouse and avoiding the neighbours' dog.

But this cat doesn't seem to be at all bothered by his latest foes - two huge alligators.

Reportedly filmed on a farm in Louisiana, this black cat stalked and stared out his enemies before successfully forcing them to both return to the lake.

In the two minute YouTube video, the cat is filmed sneaking up on the alligator before swiping a paw at his nose.

The alligator then looks poised to make the cat pay, but instead retreats towards the lake.

And despite the fact the moggy could still be swallowed whole in the alligator's jaws, the pair both lie perfectly still, not wanting to make the first move.

One stunned onlooker can even be heard saying 'this is unbelievable' and 'that cat has no fear' as the pair stare each other out.

Looking to restore his pride, the reptile returns to the water, and appears to have a secret plan when he and another animal launch a two-pronged attack.

However, the unafraid feline doesn't back off, instead launching a left hook at the second alligator, who quickly slides off into the water.

Fearful of having to battle the cat again the first alligator stays at the water's edge, allowing the cat to join a friend, who kept a safe distance.

While this cat may have had a lucky escape, alligators are common in Louisiana and are the State reptile.

And while cats are not usually on the menu, a fully grown adult's diet includes beavers, racoons and deer as well as large birds and fish.


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