Tuesday, November 23, 2010

$5.2 m McLaren adorned with gold, rubies

$5.2 m McLaren adorned with gold, rubies

BERLIN: Swiss auto designer Ueli Anliker has managed to make a very expensive dazzling car. To be presented at the Dortmund MY CAR tuning show, Germany is a stunningly bling McLaren SLR 999 which is done up wit h over 5kgs of gold plated on its body.

However, that’s not where the bling-factor ends. The car also features 600 rubies, with some stones measuring to 35mm in diameter.

The master designer has been doing this type of tuning jobs for as many as 35-years.

Insurance estimates indicate that the car costs as many as $5.2 millions barring the cost of labor.


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